swat4hcls 2019 Edinburgh

Accepted papers


  1. Melanie Hackl and Goekhan Coskun
    Realizing FAIR Data in an Enterprise Environment
  2. Sabbir Rashid, James McCusker, Paulo Pinheiro, Marcello Bax, Henrique Santos, Jeanette Stingone and Deborah McGuinness
    Representing Biomedical Knowledge using Semantic Data Dictionaries
  3. Ana Iglesias-Molina, David Chaves-Fraga, Freddy Priyatna and Oscar Corcho
    Enhancing the maintainability of the Bio2RDF project using declarative mappings
  4. Johan van Soest, Ananya Choudhury, Nikhil Gaikwad, Matthijs Sloep, Michel Dumontier and Andre Dekker
    Annotation of existing databases using Semantic Web technologies: making data more FAIR
  5. Caroline Bönisch, Anneka Sargeant, Antje Wulff, Marcel Parciak, Christian R Bauer and Ulrich Sax
    FAIRness of openEHR Archetypes and Templates
  6. Marius Michaelis and Olga Streibel
    Documentation Gap in Ontology Creation: Insights into the Reality of Knowledge Formalization in a Life Science Company
  7. Roderic Page
    Reconciling author names in taxonomic and publication databases
  8. Anil Adisesh, Mohammad Sadnan Al Manir, Hongchang Bao and Christopher Baker
    A Working Semantic Model for the Integration of Occupation, Function and Health
  9. Laura Slaughter and Dag Hovland
    Suggesting Reasonable Phenotypes to Clinicians
  10.  Alberto Traverso, Andre Dekker and Leonard Wee.
    FAIR quantitative imaging in oncology: how Semantic Web and Ontologies will support reproducible science
  11. Daniel Burkow, Jens Hollunder, Julian Heinrich, Fuad Abdallah, Miguel Rojas-Macias, Cord Wiljes, Philipp Cimiano and Philipp Senger
    A Blueprint for Semantically Lifting Field Trial Data: Enabling Exploration using Knowledge Graphs
  12. Gerhard Kober and Adrian Paschke
    A FHIR-to-RDF converter (short paper)
  13. Mohammad K. Halawani, Phillip Lord and Rob Forsyth
    Semi-Automated Data-Driven Methods to Support Ontology Development: A Case Study on a Rehabilitation Therapy Ontology
  14. Jay Kola, Wai Keong Wong and Bhavana Buddala
    Making clinical trials available at the point of care – connecting Clinical trials to Electronic Health Records using SNOMED CT and HL7 InfoButton standards
  15. Alsayed Algergawy and Birgitta König-Ries
    Partitioning of BioPortal Ontologies: An Empirical Study
  16. Josh Moore, Norio Kobayashi, Susanne Kunis, Shuichi Onami and Jason R. Swedlow
    On Bringing Bioimaging Data into the Open(-World)
  17. Hugo Leroux, Christine Denney, Smita Hastak and Hugh Glover
    A framework for representing clinical research in FHIR