Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Healthcare and Life Sciences


Day 2 – January 12th 2022

Welcome and introduction


Prof Karin Verspoor – Chair: Marco Roos

Presentations: Semantic Web and FAIR Health

Chair Rianne Fijten – Co-chair Núria Queralt Rosinach

Sabine Oesterle, Vasundra Touré and Katrin Crameri, The SPHN Ecosystem towards FAIR Data

Ruduan Plug, Yan Liang, Mariam Basajja, Aliya Aktau, Putu Jati, Samson Amare, Getu Taye, Mouhamad Mpezamihigo, Francisca Oladipo and Mirjam van Reisen: FAIR and GDPR Compliant Population Health Data Generation, Processing and Analytics

Deepak Sharma, Eric Prud’hommeaux, David Booth, Kevin Peterson, Daniel Stone, Harold Solbrig, Guohui Xiao, Emily Pfaff and Guoqian Jiang, Implementing a New FHIR RDF Specification for Semantic Clinical Data Using a JSON-LD-based Approach

Mercedes Arguello-Casteleiro, Chloe Henson, Nava Maroto, Saihong Li, Julio Des-Diz, Maria Jesus Fernandez-Prieto, Simon Peters, Timothy Furmston, Carlos Sevillano-Torrado, Diego Maseda-Fernandez, Manoj Kulshrestha, John Keane, Robert Stevens and Chris Wroe, MetaMap versus BERT models with explainable active learning: ontology-based experiments with prior knowledge for COVID-19

Online poster pitches for Posters in Group 1

Chair Andrea Splendiani – Co-chair Andra Waagmeester

Gathertown Poster Session

Chair Bruna Dos Santos Viera – Co-chair Martijn Kersloot


Dr. Martina Summer-Kutmon, Chair Andra Waagmeester  – Co-chair Chris Baker.

Invited Talk

FAIR Agronomy where are we, The KnetMiner Use Case, Marco Brandizi and Keywan Hassani-Pak, Introduced by Chris Baker.

Presentation session 2 – Knowledge Graphs

Chair: M. Scott Marshall – Co-chair Shuxin Zhang.

Alasdair Gray, Petros Papadopoulos, Ivan Mičetić and András Hatos, Creating and Exploiting the Intrinsically Disordered Protein Knowledge Graph (IDP-KG)

Helena Balabin, Charles Hoyt, Benjamin M. Gyori, John Bachman, Alpha Tom Kodamullil, Martin Hofmann-Apitius and Daniel Domingo-Fernández, ProtSTonKGs: A Sophisticated Transformer Trained on Protein Sequences, Text, and Knowledge Graphs

Vincenzo Daponte, Catherine Hayes, Julien Mariethoz and Frederique Lisacek, Glycan semantic model applications in substructure search

Julie Loesch, Louis Meeckers, Ilse van Lier, Alie de Boer, Michel Dumontier and Remzi Celebi, Automated Identification of Food Substitutions Using Knowledge Graph Embeddings

Panel session – Agri-semantics

Chair Chris Baker – Co-chair Scott Marshall.

Day 3 – January 13th 2022

Presentations 3 Ontologies, Semantic Annotation and FAIR Standards

Chair Leyla Jael Garcia Castro – Co-chair Joeri van der Velde.

Chang Sun, Vincent Emonet and Michel Dumontier, A comprehensive comparison of automated FAIRness Evaluation Tools

Fuqi Xu, Nick Juty, Carole Goble, Simon Jupp, Helen Parkinson and Mélanie Courtot, Features of a FAIR vocabulary

Olga Giraldo, Miguel Ruano, Robin A. Richardson, Remzi Celebi, Michel Dumontier and Tobias Kuhn, Nanotate: Semantically annotating experimental protocols with nanopublications

Frances Gillis-Webber and C. Maria Keet, A Survey of Multilingual OWL Ontologies in BioPortal


Prof Mirjam van Reisen, Chair Katy Wolstencroft, Co-chair Marco Roos.

Online poster pitches group 2

Chair Andrea Splendiani – Co-chair Rutger Vos.

Gathertown Poster Session

Chair Bruna dos Santos Vieira – Co-chair Martijn Kersloot.

Presentations session 4

Chair Rutger Vos – Co-chair Clémence le Cornec.

Ali Syed, Senay Kafkas, Maxat Kulmanov and Robert Hoehndorf, Using SPARQL to unify queries over data, ontologies, and machine learning models in the PhenomeBrowser knowledgebase

Rajaram Kaliyaperumal, Gurnoor Singh, Núria Queralt-Rosinach, Jumamurat Bayjanov, Peter-Bram T Hoen and Marco Roos, Phenopackets for the Semantic Web

César Bernabé, Núria Queralt-Rosinach, Vitor Souza, Luiz Santos, Annika Jacobsen, Barend Mons and Marco Roos, The use of Foundational Ontologies in Bioinformatics

Keynote 4

Prof Amit Sheth, Chair: Chris Baker  – Co-chair Andrea Splendiani.

Closing remarks and next SWAT4HCLS

Andrea Splendiani, Marco Roos, Rutger Vos, Scott Marshall, Katy Wolstencroft