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SWAT4HCLS 2023 Special Issue

Dear all, 

The submission link for the BMC SWAT4HCLS 2023 BMC Journal Supplement is now in place at: 


If you do not already have a login on the BMC system, you will first have to create one. During the submission process, please make sure you select Supplement and then SWAT4HCLS. 

The submission deadline has been moved to 15th September 2023. 

If you have any questions about submitting a paper to this supplement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Best wishes,

Prof Albert Burger, Dr Scott Marshall, Dr Andrea Splendiani and Prof Atsuko Yamaguchi

(SWAT4HCLS 2023 BMC Supplement Editorial Team)

About SWAT4HCLS 2024

Our 4 day event will be hosted in Leiden, The Netherlands February 26-29, 2024. (Event occurs in 152 days).

SWAT4HCLS is a conference series that focus on data integration and semantic technologies in the biomedical space at large. Starting in 2008 as a one day workshop on semantic web technologies in bioinformatics, it has expanded year after year into a four-day event composed of tutorials, conference and hackathon.

SWAT4HCLS focus is now covering data-driven approaches, and good data management practices in the biomedical area at large.

SWAT4HCLS intends to provide an open and vibrant discussion space cross-cutting academia, industry and institutional participants. In 2024, we will host our conference in Leiden, The Netherlands. We will continue to support remote participation via live streaming and engagement via chat.

We look forward to an informative, constructive and groundbreaking event!