swat4hcls 2019 Edinburgh


SWAT4HCLS Hackathon – Call for Participation

chairs:  Alasdair Gray & Andra Waagmeester

After three days of paper sessions, panels, workshops, and tutorials, the Hackathon on December 12 will provide an informal space for playing with new technologies, brainstorming new ideas, forming new collaborations, or simply sharing work around your laptop. Everyone is welcome to attend, from researchers and professionals with user requirements to modellers and programmers willing to implement the ideas in code, as well as interested observers. The day will start with short “pitches”, then spread out to designated tables that anyone can join. At the end of the day, each table will have an opportunity to show its results.

You are invited to submit ideas (both table topics and pitches) on this form


Table 1. Licensing?

Table 2: Schema extraction?

Table 3: The Wikimedia Ecosystem?

Table 4: Personal health/agro train?

Table X: Suggest a table by