Best paper prize winners for 2015 are Elvira Mitraka, Andra Waagmeester, Sebastian Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, Lynn M. Schriml, Andrew I. Su and Benjamin M. Good withWikidata: A platform for data integration and dissemination for the life sciences and beyond

Best poster prize winners for 2015 are Thanos Stavropoulos, Georgios Meditskos and Ioannis Kompatsiaris with Dem@Care: Ambient Sensing and Intelligent Decision Support for the Care of Dementia (prize sponsored by FactBio).

Runner up for best poster prize are Bas Stringer, Albert Meroño-Peñuela, Antonis Loizou, Sanne Abeln and Jaap Hering with  SCRY: Enabling quantitative reasoning in SPARQL queries

and Daniel Teixeira, Alain Gateau, Olivier Evalet, Frederic Nikitin, Jerven Bolleman, Monique Zahn, Pascale Gaudet, Lydie Lane, Amos Bairoch and Pierre-Andre Michel with SPARQL playground.

Since 2008, the SWAT4LS Workshop has provided a platform for the presentation and discussion of the benefits and limits of applying Web-based information systems and semantic technologies in the domains of health care and life sciences. Growing steadily each year as Semantic Web applications become more widespread, SWAT4LS has been in Edinburgh 2008, Amsterdam 2009, Berlin 2010, London (2011), Paris (2012), Aveiro (SWAT4LS School organized in 2012), Edinburgh (2013) and Berlin (2014). In 2015, SWAT4LS will be a 2 day international conference and will be held in Cambridge, England.

SWAT4LS aims at providing an open and stimulating environment that brings together researchers, both developers and users, from areas as diverse as eHealth, medical and clinical informatics, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, drug discovery, drug safety, systems biology, medical physics, data science, and biocomputing, to discuss goals, current limits and real experiences in the application of Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies to challenges in health care and life sciences. The meetings are typically very interactive and are accompanied by tutorials and a hackathon.


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