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Registration opens at 08:30 on Monday 7th and at 08:30 on Tuesday 8th.


melissa_photoDr. Melissa Haendel

Keynote Title: “Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere”: Envisioning a world where everyone helps solve disease.

Dr. Bijan ParsiaBijan Parsia photo

Keynote Title: Representing All Clinical Knowledge

Tutorials – 7th December

1. BioSolr: Building better search for bioinformatics
2. Semantic Representations of Clinical Care and Clinical Trial Data
3. Tutorial on using Wikidata in the life sciences
4. Tutorial on PubChemRDF in the life sciences
5. Tawny-OWL: re-purposing software engineering for ontology building
6. Processing Life Science Data at Scale – using Semantic Web Technologies
7. DisGeNET: a discovery platform for translational bioinformatics

Main Conference – 8th & 9th December

Two day programme now online.

Hackathon – 10th December

Provisional topics and logistics now online.