Swat4ls Conference in Basel, 13-16 Feb 2023


Registration fees

Fees include catering and social dinner (as per program) as well as VAT. All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). 100CHF is roughly 102 EUR or 105 USD (see current exchange rates).

Academic (including startups)IndustryStudents
Tutorial day110chf160chf70chf
Conference day340chf480chf230chf
Hackathon day40chf60chf30chf
Virtual attendance150chf150chf150chf

Additional social dinner entries (e.g.: for guess) are available at the cost of 100chf.

Late registrations

Registrations taking place after January 20, 2023 will incur a cost increase of 10%.

Registration link

Registrations are active on Eventbrite. Get tickets for SWAT4LS Basel 2023 here.

Limited places

Places at SWAT4HCLS are limited. While provisions are made for presenters of accepted papers, all other entries should be considered as allocated on a first come/first served basis. We encourage early registrations!