Post-SWAT4HCLS workshop: materials for FAIRification training (organised through the EJP RD project)

Colleagues from the European Joint Programme Rare Diseases have organised a workshop following the official SWAT4HCLS 2021-22 conference in virtual Leiden to work on material for FAIRification training (typically also applicable to FAIRification projects in general). The workshop is intended as an open, hands-on meeting for identifying and working on new materials and updating existing materials. Topics to work on will be selected by the participants of the workshop and could include training workflows and technical tools that for FAIRification steps. The primary users of the materials are rare disease data managers, but materials are usually more general than that.

Please contact the organisers to request the pass codes for the Zoom call (or check the EJP RD calendar if you are EJP RD – ignore the Teams meeting links)

The workshop is kindly supported by the European Joint Programme Rare Diseases ( and partly facilitated by the Semantic Web Applications for Health Care and Life Sciences conference 2021-22 (SWAT4HCLS 2021-22,

For more information and call details see